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The P.O.R UNCENSORED section of the website will be the host to all videos that are too crazy for YouTube! Consider this the hub of all things too extreme & wild. You will find this content no where else on the net. This page will also be the host of other homegrown stunt crews content that is too graphic to be featured anywhere else. This section of the website is not for the faint of heart. 


In order to access the UNCENSORED part of this website you have to be a member of the P.O.R Patreon. The Patreon channel will serve as a better way for us to interact with the fans. It will also help us fund upcoming projects. If you are a member of our Patreon payment tier system, you will receive access to all our uncensored content on this web page, early video releases, merch drops, discounts, & more. With plans starting at just $5 a month you will gain all access to all exclusive content on this website. This part of the website will be updated monthly with new content. ALL new exclusive content will be posted here first!

Click the Patreon link above on the social bar, & select the tier that best fits you. After you have succesfully become a member of our Patreon channel, you will receive a password code gaining you access to P.O.R UNCENSORED. You can click the button link below, or follow the link after purchasing on Patreon to enter. Being that the P.O.R Stunts YouTube channel was terminated, we feel this is the dawn of a new era. 

Thanks for subscribing, & welcome to the P.O.R Army! 

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