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Without a doubt one of the most iconic homegrown stunt men of all time. As well as being one of the most popular. Cutbone developed an unbreakable like aura, after all his years of doing stunts. Cutbone started filming with P.O.R in the Summer of 2012, traveling 12 hours all the way from Louisiana to Virginia to live with the crew. He first became noticed in the year 2008, because his truck to sign jump video went viral on the web. During his tenure with P.O.R he consistently produced some of the most hardcore content ever filmed by P.O.R. A lot of the stunts some of the P.O.R members have done over the years have made you question their sanity, but Cutbone's style is on another level. If there is a Mount Rushmore of P.O.R stunt men, Cutbone would be front & center. Cutbone currently resides in his hometown of Louisiana, but is still very friendly with the crew, & plans to film again soon. We have haven't seen the last of the Cajun Sensation!

Top 5 Stunts - Cutbone
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