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P.O.R Stunts (Prophets of Regret): often coined 'The World's Most Dangerous Stunt Group' is an American homegrown stunt group that was created in the late 90's, by producer JJ Allin, Bass Turd Mania, King Mefesto, & Reef Tha Queef. The original four core members refer to themselves as Team Brown. The group originally formed as an extreme sports group, with their earliest viral videos being BMX fail videos. Shortly after their first few viral videos they began getting offers for the clips to appear on TV. This led the group to start producing more edgier fail content. Which led to dozens of more viral videos, turning their pain & pleasure into revenue & branding their lifestyle into a solid brand. With the rise of the internet they began to gain popularity, & have built a cult like following they call 'The P.O.R Army' that continues to spread. A lot of their overall popularity derives from their shock value content & relentless film style, a style that they continue to innovate & elevate. P.O.R is widely considered by many as the greatest homegrown stunt group of all time. 


The group is currently the longest active group of its kind. P.O.R has accumulated over 300 million total video views online, across all platforms. Before their YouTube channel was terminated they had over 100k subscribers, & 100 million views on their channel. The channel was active from years 2009 - 2020. They hold several records in the homegrown stunt scene. One being the most televised homegrown stunt group of all time with over 500 paid television appearances. They also hold the record for most clip appearances on major TV clip shows like MTV's Ridiculousness & Tosh.O. In 2015 they were granted a 'Web Redemption' segment on Comedy Central's Tosh.O, a segment which is the main feature of the show. As a group they have received multiple #1 video spots on television countdowns such as Tru TV's 'Top 20 Most Shocking', World's Wildest Vacation Videos, & Summer Blowouts. In 2014 they signed with the #1 YouTube network Fullscreen Media. P.O.R did two auditions for TV show pilots in the year 2016, one of them being for the MTV network.

Modern Day:

P.O.R currently is more active than ever. They have changed their style drastically over the years & tend to perform stunts with a higher success rate, compared to some of their older intentional fail content. After years of innovating the homegrown stunt scene they decided to expand their horizons, & venture down a new avenue of extreme entertainment in the form of extreme wrestling. P.O.R Wrestling was launched in the year 2017, & has become the focal point within the group in recent years. The group has produced three full length stunt films, & continue to host a web series entitled 'The World's Most Dangerous Stunt Show' online. The group is currently in the early stages of producing a reality show based on P.O.R Wrestling. The script for a P.O.R documentary has been written for a few years now, & will be released within the new few years.


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