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After years of underground projects P.O.R decided to launch their DVD series in the year 2008. Their films Uprising, Takeover, & Dy-Nasty were major chapters in making P.O.R known all over the world. These films produced hundreds of viral videos, turning their pain into revenue, & helped brand their lifestyle into a solid product. During the filming of these films they broke several records, including most features ever on Tosh.O & Ridiculousness. These films feature a murderers row of some of the most innovative homegrown stunt men in the game. These films served as the launching pad for several stand out crew members including Cutbone, Pussy Ronald, Goose Egg Bub, & Craig Da Gay. These films are considered by many as some of the most violent films ever produced by a stunt group. Many critics consider the P.O.R Dy-Nasty film the holy grail of homegrown stunt films. For the first time ever, the P.O.R DVD trilogy is available for purchase via digital download, & is currently in stock to own on DVD. Follow the links below to buy the DVD or purchase via digital download. Witness the World's Most Dangerous Stunt group in their prime, one doctor bill at a time. 

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