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Being that our YouTube channel is terminated this site will be the home for all new content from The World's Most Dangerous Stunt Group, as well as the home to all the P.O.R classics, you all love. The P.O.R UNCENSORED section of this website will serve as a hub for all things too crazy for YouTube, & content that until now we couldn't show, due to YouTube guidelines. We will still have an active YouTube channel available under the username 'P.O.R Stunts', but due to YouTube's new guidelines that channel will no longer be the host to the more edgy content, you all love from P.O.R. We will however use the YouTube as a way to promote this website with things like P.O.R vlogs, teasers, & podcasts. We will be having monthly merch drops at the start of each month, each drop will feature 2-5 new items for sale in the P.O.R Store. This site will be updated as soon as new information, & content is available.

Upcoming Features:

-Season 7 of P.O.R Wrestling

-2023 P.O.R Stunt Reel

-P.O.R Hardcore Grand Prix 4

-JJ Allin 2023 Stunt Reel

-Gathering of the Juggalos: P.O.R Stunt Show

-P.O.R Podcast

In Production:

-Episode 10: World's Most Dangerous Stunt Show

-P.O.R Legacy Documentary   (2025)

We have officially launched a P.O.R Patreon channel, which will serve as a better way for us to interact with the fans. If you are a member of our Patreon payment tier system, you will receive access to all our UNCENSORED content on this web site, as well as other exclusive content, & discounts. ​The UNCENSORED section of the website will be the host to all videos that are too crazy for YouTube, & will feature content you can't find anywhere else on the net! The UNCENSORED section of the page will also be the host to other stunts crews from all over the world, who's videos are too graphic for YouTube.  Being that the P.O.R Stunts YouTube channel was terminated, Patreon will be our main source for funding upcoming projects.  

P.O.R LIVE is a subscription based program that will grant all users access to stream the entire P.O.R Stunts / Wrestling library. Package includes every film, & major release from the past, along with all upcoming events. If you want to see P.O.R events as soon as they hit the web, this is the only way to access! For just $10 a month you can access the UNCENSORED section of this site + the P.O.R LIVE streaming platform, or buy each separately for $5 a month. You can subscribe to our Patreon by clicking the link above in the social bar which will grant you access to both P.O.R Uncensored & P.O.R LIVE, or subscribe to either separately through the Patreon / event stream links above. We feel this is the dawn of a new era for P.O.R. Thanks for your support!



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