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Current Roster:

JJ Escobar, Sinister, Chew The Mangler, JC Xtreme, Renegade Rebel, Kamikaze Kid, Kevin Khaos, Shotgun Allman, Tarzan Duran, Big VIN, Jesse Daniels, El Muerte, Nikki Lee, & The Psycho Allen Bates


P.O.R Wrestling is an extreme wrestling promotion created in the year 2017, that is based out of BR00Dway, Virginia. After years of innovating the homegrown stunt scene, the founders of The World's Most Dangerous Stunt Group: P.O.R Stunts, decided to expand their horizons, & venture down a new avenue of entertainment in the form of deathmatch wrestling. After being life long devoted wrestling fans the crew set a goal to attempt to bring back the hardcore wrestling style that they grew up watching. They have made quite an impact in a short amount of time, due to their more crazier wrestling spots going viral. Since 2017 they have been very active on YouTube posting full events. In 2020 they hosted their first pay per view event entitled The Hardcore Grand Prix 2. This event was under the GCW promotion banner, & is available to view on IWTV. P.O.R has worked with various other wrestling promotions including the number 1 independent wrestling company Game Changer Wrestling, Trainwreck Wrestling, Lord of Anarchy, GTS Wrestling, & The Underground Wrestling Federation. P.O.R Wrestling has become the focal point under the P.O.R banner in recent years, & as a group they will will continue to try to innovate the scene for many years to come. There's a reason their slogan is 'we aren't underground by accident'. The P.O.R wrestling crew are attempting to raise the bar in the hardcore wrestling scene, one match at a time. Welcome to P.O.R Wrestling.

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