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Khyler Vick:

Khyler Vick is the founder of the Utah stunt group blockheaDs. His video popularity, & unique style got him reckonized early by alot of media. When he was 16 years old he was able to land a deal with a major YouTube company, that was using the channel as a launching pad for a TV series. The company was filmed by Viva La Bam producer / videographer Joe Frantz. The show Blow Up Guys went on to film for one season. With all that already under his belt at such a young age, Khyler continued to develop his craft, & went on to collaborate with other stunt crews shortly after. Khyler met the P.O.R crew in the year 2016, & became a main stay within the crews ever since. Together they produced some of the most innovative stunt videos ever seen in the world known as homegrown. Khyler went on to become a standout cast member of the MTV show Too Stupid To Die in the year 2019. Since then he has continued to be one of the most active in the scene, & has produced a ton of films like Degenerates in America, & blockheaDs in Britian. Long live The Anti Legend. 

Meet Khyler Vick of blockheaDs
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