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Hardcore Grand Prix:

P.O.R Wrestling presents: The Hardcore Grand Prix 3! The biggest event in P.O.R history will be an 8 man deathmatch tournament that will go down in Timberville, VA on Sunday, October 16th at 3PM. The Hardcore Grand Prix 2 won by: John Wayne Murdoch was coined as the craziest backyard event of all time by: Game Changer Wrestling (GCW), & part 3 will be no different, as we will only further raise the bar. A VICE production team will be on site to film all the chaos that ensues, & they will be releasing a documentary in early 2023. This event will feature names such as Matthew Justice, the return of JJ Escobar, Neil Diamond Cutter, Bam Sullivan, Mike Fatality, GTS's Grim, Tony Chiny, J-Sin, Chew The Mangler, Shotgun Allman, JC Extreme, Sinister, Mikey Anarchy, & many more. The road to the Grand Prix is here, as always this event is free & open to the public.

We will be producing this event under our own production, & releasing the full event available to stream on our website on Wednesday, October 19th. An official T-shirt & poster are now available on our merch store. ALL proceeds will go towards funding the Grand Prix, buying our merch is the best way to support the event, as it is a free event. Join us for the most chaotic backyard event of the year! 

Official Entries:

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